…from Aaron Raintree Productions

As a producer of video content in an ever demanding market, there’s 3 things I always need from a voice over professional; great inflection/reads, the ability to take and understand direction, and quick/flexible communication.  Christy ALWAYS delivers on all three.  She takes her work seriously, and is a professional through and through.  In a market that’s over saturated with part timers and hobbyists, it’s reassuring to have her as a go-to, reliable artist.

Aaron Horton
Raintree Productions

…from Lauren Kennedy, Inventive Health

Among the voice actors who applied to be the voice for the NICORETTE® REDUCE TO QUIT® campaign, Christy’s voice stood out. She was able to accurately capture the tone we were looking for right off the bat. Managing to be cheerful, but not condescending; professional –yet guiding and motivational. In addition, she was extremely flexible with timing, script, and other aspects of the job. This especially helped in bridging the paper work of hiring internationally.  I would highly recommend her and would definitely employ her services again.

Lauren Kennedy
Inventive Health

…from Alisa Vossen, 522 Productions

Christy is both talented AND extremely professional. She provides quick response times, top-notch quality, and flexibility in our ever changing video landscape. We love working with her and call on her often for many client needs.  We highly recommend Christy to anyone looking for an awesome voice over professional.

Alisa Vossen
Director Operations
522 Productions


…from Laura Gruszczynski, Applied Industrial Technologies

Christy has been the voice of Applied for since early 2012. From the very beginning she has been professional and easy to work with. For each project, when we talk about what we are looking for, she gets the direction we are going in right away and delivers it quickly. I would highly recommend her for your voice-over needs.

Laura Gruszczynski
Multimedia and Video Specialist
Applied Industrial Technologies

…from Joe Piccolo, Cinecraft Productions

Christy has been the voice of choice for one of our largest clients for several years now. The smooth sophistication of her delivery and the way she animates the narration brings their training to life.

Joe PiccoloProduction Coordinator,
Cinecraft Productions, Inc.



…from Michelle M Little, ProEd Communications

Christy is the female voice for a very technical medical (oncology) training program in which she pronounced difficult medical terminology as if she was a seasoned medical professional. She always comes prepared, practiced, and adapts to change easily. I have enjoyed working with Christy and highly recommend her work as a voice-over professional.

Michelle M. Little
Account Director at ProEd Communications